PRE-ORDER, RELEASE: Q2 2018. This surprise personality Lawyer / Editor card was made especially for our 10th anniversary. On the cards’ art you can see Arno, the founder and owner of Quined Games. During the day he is a lawyer and in his free time he is an editor. The rules are available for download […]


A small set of stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign for Carson City: Big Box. This promo pack includes a notepad, a teacher personage, a set of river tiles and a town hall tile. The rules are available for download here. Please note that these promo items are already included in the Big Box.


Discovered drifting out to sea, unmanned and apparently abandoned, the Key Celeste was towed to the shore. Her cargo was untouched and the personal belongings of passengers and crew were still in place. What had caused the crew to abandon the ship? The terrible truth was soon apparent. The Key Celeste had become a ghost […]


Keyflower: Emporium & Monument contains two new winter tiles for use with the base game of Keyflower. Emporium awards the owner 3 points for each set of one green worker and two workers of any other color (including green), while Monument awards the owner 4 points for each set of three resources at game end.

 7.50  5.00

Global warming threatens Vanuatu. Many islands are in danger of disappearing under the sea due to rising waters. Players will therefore have to unite to protect the islands by building dikes. However, the interests of one are not necessarily the interests of others. Vanuatu: The Rising Waters, the first extension for Vanuatu, adds an option […]

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