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A small set of stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign for Carson City: Big Box. This set includes a notepad, a teacher personage, a set of river tiles and a town hall tile.


The archipelago of Vanuatu, located 1750 kilometers east of Australia. You try to prosper out here in the middle of the ocean. By catching and selling fish or showing tourists around you earn money. With this little money you try to gain as many prosperity points as possible before the game ends.


La Cosa Nostra, an Evil mafia themed boardgame, where lying and deceit are the order of bussiness. Note that this is the Kickstarter edition of La Cosa Nostra, which contains a wooden starting player token and wooden deal markers instead of cardboard. The included playing money is also of slightly better quality and two promo cards are included. By making use of the coupon 'lcnks5dingdent' (granting you 5€ discount), you can order a copy with minor damage to the box.