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We kijken uit naar Spiel 2017

Tijdens Spiel 2017 in Essen (26-10-2017 t/m 29-10-2017) is de stand van Quined Games nóg groter dan voorgaande jaren. We demonstreren onze nieuwste spellen en je bent meer dan welkom deze bij ons uit te proberen. Je kunt tijdens Spiel natuurlijk ook pre-orders bij ons komen ophalen.


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Gold & Guns is the first full expansion for the strategy game Carson City. It contains updated new buildings, new double-sided characters, the "Indian" characterand a separate expansion called "The Outlaws".

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Papa Paolo


In Papà Paolo, players compete to deliver the most pizzas to the hungry customers of Naples. Every decision counts, but Papà Paolo is a very accessible game, which will charm players of all ages alike.

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Set in ancient Rome, Trajan is a development game in which players try to increase their influence and power in various areas of Roman life such as political influence, trading, military dominion and other important parts of Roman culture.

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