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We are looking forward to Gen-Con 2017

We will be attending Gen-Con this year for the very first time. Come visit our booth and play our newest releases there. We are looking forward to meeting you. Gen con will take place from 17 till 20 August 2017.


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In Keyflower: The Farmers, players develop the agricultural side of their economy by acquiring new farm buildings, growing wheat and collecting and breeding farm animals (cows, pigs and sheep). Animals are kept in the fields created by the layout of the roads, adding a new dimension and considerations to the base game.

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Carson City is a western themed workerplacement game. This big box version of the game holds all extras, including the two expansions Gold & Guns and Horses & Heroes.


Gold & Guns is the first full expansion for the strategy game Carson City. It contains updated new buildings, new double-sided characters, the "Indian" characterand a separate expansion called "The Outlaws".