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We are looking forward to Spiel 2017

This year at Spiel 2017 in Essen (26-10-2017 until 29-10-2017) we will have a larger booth as ever before. Come visit our booth 3 Q116 and play our newest releases there. We are looking forward to meeting you. Of course, you are able to pick-up your pre-orders as well.


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La Cosa Nostra


La Cosa Nostra, an Evil mafia themed boardgame, where lying and deceit are the order of bussiness. Note that this is the basic (retail) edition of La Cosa Nostra, which contains cardboard deal markers and a cardboard starting player token. The promo cards are not included in this edition, but will be made available separately.

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Carson City is a western themed workerplacement game. This big box version of the game holds all extras, including the two expansions Gold & Guns and Horses & Heroes.

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Keyflower is played over four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and finally winter. Each player starts the game with a "home" tile and an initial team of eight workers, each of which is colored red, yellow or blue.

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