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We are looking forward to Spiel 2017

This year at Spiel 2017 in Essen (26-10-2017 until 29-10-2017) we will have a larger booth as ever before. Come visit our booth 3 Q116 and play our newest releases there. We are looking forward to meeting you. Of course, you are able to pick-up your pre-orders as well.


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In Keyflower: The Farmers, players develop the agricultural side of their economy by acquiring new farm buildings, growing wheat and collecting and breeding farm animals (cows, pigs and sheep). Animals are kept in the fields created by the layout of the roads, adding a new dimension and considerations to the base game.


Papa Paolo


In Papà Paolo, players compete to deliver the most pizzas to the hungry customers of Naples. Every decision counts, but Papà Paolo is a very accessible game, which will charm players of all ages alike.

Masterprint Pocket



The year is 1252 and the great Kublai Khan has decided to build his summer palace. He has searched for the best architects, but they will stop at nothing to win fame and prestige. Xanadú is a strategy game of building and sabotage, for casual and experienced players.